Title Transfers & Issuance

A certificate of title is proof of ownership. You may transfer the title of a vehicle at both our locations in Rochester. If a vehicle is purchased through a licensed Minnesota dealer, the dealer will take care of the transfer paperwork.

If the title has been lost, the owner of record must obtain a duplicate title before s/he can complete the transfer of ownership. (Request a duplicate title). If you are selling a vehicle to an out of state resident only, you may bring your plates in and obtain a 31-day permit for $11.00. You will need the buyer’s name and address for this.

Selling your vehicle:

  • Sign-off on the title as seller
  • Complete the date of sale on the title
  • Include an odometer reading on the title if the vehicle is 10 years old or newer
  • Include a damage disclosure if the vehicle is six years old or newer
  • Complete an online Report of Sale
  • The plates stay with the vehicle
  • Provide a lien release to the buyer if there is a loan listed on your title

Purchasing a vehicle:

If purchasing through a dealer, the dealer will manage and submit the titling papers.
If purchasing through a private seller, you will need to take care of titling the vehicle.

  • Complete the application for title section on the title, making sure to include your name, date of birth, and address. Hold off on adding your signature until asked to sign at the DVS office
  • Bring the completed title and lien release (if applicable) to one of our Rochester locations
  • Pay all applicable fees
  • Purchaser must provide a driver’s license number and current insurance information for another vehicle owned by the purchaser or the vehicle being transferred. Information required includes Insurance company (not agent) name, policy number and expiration date

Expedited Title:

If you would like to receive your title faster than the regular time they take, you may do a Fast Track. We scan the title work to the state. They review it and you will receive your title in 10 business days or less.

  • This service can only be done for standard MN title transfers and standard out of state title transfer
  • The cost is an extra $20 per title
  • Only available Monday – Friday 8:00am – 3:30pm
  • Fast Track may be done at the time of the title transfer or you may return 10 days after the title transfer and pay the additional $20

Duplicate Title:

  • You may come to our office to apply for a duplicate title if it was lost, stolen, mutilated or destroyed
  • The owner listed on the MN state title needs to fill out the duplicate title form
  • The cost is $20.50
  • As long as there is a clean record, the title will be received within 10 business days
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